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Green Cubes Technology (GCT) develops and manufactures advanced battery power systems; specializing in lithium batteries for forklifts, lithium batteries for medical carts, and innovative designs. For the past 30 years, GCT has been the leader in lithium batteries and power systems for global OEMs. Our success and longevity stems from the emphasis we place on providing customers with cost efficient solutions through our smarter software, more efficient hardware, intelligent sourcing, and proficient manufacturing. We offer power solutions to a wide variety of industries; in 2007 we began the push to move the medical industry away from the hazardous lead-acid mobile power option to the more efficient and environmentally friendly lithium power alternative. Green Cubes quickly became the leader in providing lithium battery options for patient-care carts for hospitals, assisted living, and short/long term care facilities. In recent years, Green Cubes utilized the same forward-thinking and industry leading technology to help move warehouses and factories away from lead-acid and focus on saving time and money with lithium. Our systems are known for their reliability, efficiency, and ability to save you money. Our Innovation Center has begun partnering with top companies in a variety of fields to help design the most efficient lithium powered products from the ground up. See what Green Cubes Technology can do for you!