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Mobile Power

Mobile power system applications include electric bicycles, material handling equipment, cleaning machines and mobile workstations.

Mobile equipment, which often includes motors, requires higher battery capacities and loading capability. The majority of these applications have continued to rely on heavy and inefficient lead acid batteries. As an effective alternative, Green Cubes Technology is one of the few companies pioneering the usage of new Lithium Ion, or LFP, cells to handle the rugged requirements.


What We Offer

GCT helps OEMs upgrade their battery technology to safer, more efficient, improved run time and increased cycle life alternatives. The key to a successful change is optimizing the solution for lower total cost and backward compatibility with SLA chemistries.

Contact Us to learn more about how GCT can help make your product smarter, more efficient AND give you a cost advantage over your competition.


Battery Packs

  • Advanced MCU controls that provide gas gauging, exceptional redundant safety features and cell balancing for large format batteries.
  • Advanced software for monitoring and reporting data back to the computer.
  • Exceptional mechanical construction and designs that push the limits of operating environment.

Power Management Controllers

  • Ultra high efficiency charging and high MTBF designs.
  • Advanced Cortex based controllers for system and module monitoring.
  • CAN protocols for communicating data to host MCU.

Power Supplies

  • State of the art topologies that provide high efficiency supplies.
  • Off the shelf agency approved or custom designed for the application to be optimized for cost.
  • Mechanically designed to withstand extreme levels of vibration and abuse.