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Portable Power

Portable equipment includes laptops and tablet computers, medical and industrial equipment.

Portable power systems rely on the functionality and optimization of their battery packs. Green Cubes Technology's one-stop, comprehensive design centers ensure the Cell Manufacturer, Chemistry Selection, Protection Circuit, and Assembly Techniques utilized are thoroughly integrated with the Power Supply and Intelligent Battery Charger. The units are designed & tested together to evolve as a system simultaneously, ensuring continuous compatibility and optimal performance.


What We Offer

GCT helps OEMs upgrade their battery technology to safer, more efficient, improved run time and increased cycle life alternatives. The key to a successful change is optimizing the solution for lower total cost and backward compatibility with SLA chemistries.

Contact Us to learn more about how GCT can help make your product smarter, more efficient AND give you a cost advantage over your competition.

Battery Packs

  • Cells - In depth knowledge of cell manufacturers including production quality levels, target market applications, and cell capability. GCT select cells based on a combination of price, market-proven reliability and performance of the cell to the device-specific load curve at the temperature limits.
  • Circuit - Design simple and reliable protection and gas gauging circuits utilizing standard IC's or developing a custom IC to optimize system performance.
  • Mechanical construction - Pack construction that minimizes assembly time, provides unquestionable reliability and is tested to the limits of the application and beyond.

Smart Chargers

  • Buck, boost or buck-boost topologies with the industry-leading efficiency of 97%. Chargers can be built separately or integrated inside the battery pack.
  • 30 years of advanced algorithms and customized functionality.
  • Reliable docking connection system and complete design that meets worldwide and industry specific standards.

Gang Chargers

  • USB, RS232, and WiFi modules that are combined with customized software for advanced monitoring and database logging for the docked batteries.
  • Expandable design utilizing extruded aluminum or fixed plastic based design.
  • Exceptional connection system reliability

Power Supplies and Car Chargers

  • Off-the-shelf designs that are already approved to medical or ITE equipment.
  • Above 87% efficiency to meet all current and future efficiency standards.
  • Customized connectors, labels, plastic color and system level agency approvals.