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Cell Technology: Extensive Product Field Enables a Broad Range of Cell Chemistries

GCT's market applications range from automotive to medical to industrial which drives the company to research and implement the latest cell technologies in order to guarantee optimized system performance. Our cooperation with the leading global cell manufacturers allows us to provide our customers with powerful, efficient and cost effective solutions.  Over the past 30 years, GCT has worked closely with our customers to ensure their products continue to utilize new technologies ahead of the competition through the following techniques:
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  1. Cell Testing - GCT exposes each battery cell to extensive cell testing designed to simulate application-specific load profiles, environmental and stress conditions.
  2. Cell Manufacturing Quality - Our quality and engineering teams utilize an extensive qualification process to validate the quality of the manufacturing processes of each cell manufacturer selected so we can be certain to receive high quality cells in every shipment.
  3. Cell Construction & Chemistry - GCT's knowledge and understanding of slight variations in cell models allows us to accurately gauge how even these minor differences can hurt or enhance our customer's application.
  4. Cell Price Intelligence - Our Taiwan R&D center is located in one of the largest battery hubs in the world. Over the last 30 years, we have benefited from our Asian presence by having access to market intelligence, which allows us to choose the highest quality product while maintaining cost efficiency.

Battery Intelligence: Optimized Control Circuits and Custom Software Algorithms

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GCT is the proven industry leader in developing custom IC's and utilizing battery intelligence to optimize system performance. Adding intelligence or a custom gas gauge are key elements of maximizing performance and cutting costs. We have the capabilities to implement a wide range of battery monitoring & protection ICs or to provide custom designed microcontroller battery systems. With intelligent controls that consume mere nanoamps, our unique software algorithms help guarantee the longevity of the product life cycle. Pairing our low current control system with GCT's flexible cell chemistry software gauging blocks creates a wide variety of power supply options that can be tailored to the customer's specific application requirements. Throughout the design process, battery testing in various environments and advanced algorithms used to calculate battery degradations and performance ensure our custom solutions perform at optimal levels in each application.

Battery Packs: Custom Packages with Proven Quality for Challenging Environments

30+ years of electronics design experience drive GCT's battery pack assemblies. Reuse of proven design, testing and assembly techniques allows for optimized design and manufacturing solutions for all programs, regardless of size or complexity. From small cylindrical cell packs to large prismatic cell systems, GCT's experience ensures a high quality system that will meet the demands of even the harshest environments.
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Power Interfaces: Flexible Designs to Meet Diverse Power Applications

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GCT's system architectures allow for flexibility when challenged with the multiple power sources of today's markets. Converting power from a wall plug or renewable energy source is a critical part of the power system. GCT can provide an off-the-shelf power supply or develop a custom power supply when further optimization is required. Our system design approach ensures that the system monitors the power source for multiple limits and maximum power point tracking. Continuous development and reuse of our various input circuit blocks, combined with our proven convertors and chargers, allow customization of the overall system while maintaining superior quality standards.

User Interfaces: Multiple Standard Interfaces and Options for Customized I/O's

GCT utilizes our extensive database of successful design building blocks to create electrical hardware that meets customer-specific requirements while adhering to the necessary industry standards. Along with customized I/O's, GCT's design can incorporate multiple interfaces including USB, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI and WiFi to enable intelligent communication with the system components as well as external software.

Convertors: Proven Designs Optimized to Maximize System Efficiency

GCT understands that the key to a great convertor is efficiency. GCT has a vast library of design blocks for AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC. These are the first blocks that will suffer in a power system due to heat and voltage stress, so we use existing, proven blocks or develop a new block to optimize the performance of each power system. By providing higher efficiency and component stress validation, GCT delivers a power block that is smaller and less expensive with lower temperature emissions and improved reliability.
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Chargers: High Efficiency and Flexible Configurations

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Charger blocks with 95-98% efficiency facilitate the optimal size and energy consumption of the system while the flexibility of cell configurations allows a wide range of system voltages. When combined with software controlled logic for various cell chemistries, GCT's chargers open doors for a wide range of flexible & efficient systems.

End User Software: Databases and Utilities of Power Management

GCT designs the software to allow individuals to easily access, control, and monitor their power management systems. The software code offers the flexibility to be used on different OS's and HMI designs. From custom embedded algorithms for monitoring cell activity to complex USB driven HMI controls, our global software team has the experience to deliver complete software solutions.
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Regulatory Approvals: Global Presence for worldwide regulatory experience

GCT's global experience ensures the latest IEC, EN, UL, TUV, or country specific regulations can be achieved. Our established relationships with testing agencies in multiple countries guarantee cost efficiency and faster time-to-market. Whether focusing on the latest medical regulation or intrinsic safety circuit design, GCT has the design experience and product knowledge to help ensure our customer's success.

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