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Stationary Power

Stationary power system applications include Industrial UPS, Data backup equipment, remote locations solar powered devices, etc.

Stationary equipment varies in overall application requirements. Solar based systems require high cycle batteries that can withstand the harsh environment while critical back up requires hybrid battery systems. Super capacitors can also be integrated with the system to add another layer of backup.


What We Offer

GCT helps OEMs upgrade their battery technology to safer, more efficient, improved run time and increased cycle life alternatives. The key to a successful change is optimizing the solution for lower total cost and backward compatibility with SLA chemistries.

Contact Us to learn more about how GCT can help make your product smarter, more efficient AND give you a cost advantage over your competition.


Battery Packs

  • Hybrid designs that mix primary and secondary cells into one pack.
  • Charge controls that guarantee readiness via algorithm.
  • Batteries can be combined into modules to form a bigger battery.

Power Management Controllers

  • Ultra high efficiency charging and peak power tracking algorithms for solar power.
  • Advanced controllers with ultra-fast response time that is required for switching from Primary, Secondary or Supercaps.
  • I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232, USB, WiFi and other communication protocols as well as EEPROM database on chip capabilities.

AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC convertors

  • State of the art topologies that provide high efficiency supplies.
  • Off-the-shelf agency approved designs or custom designed for the application to be optimized for cost.
  • Thermal and fault detection monitoring by the control board.