Green Cubes Technology


About Green Cubes Technology

Green Cubes Technology an established Global company with over 30 years experience in the Power Systems market.


For over 30 years, GCT has developed hundreds of customized projects for various applications and markets. Our successes have allowed us to accumulate a vast database of knowledge that includes validated concepts, know-how, circuits, materials and a substantial network of suppliers. Our diversity in real life projects enables us to offer fresh concepts that are grounded in proven designs. Our company has evolved based on the idea that "Green" represents optimization and "Cubes" represents the building blocks of a concept. Together, "Green Cubes" signifies our company's dedication to provide optimized concept solutions for our customers. These optimized concept solutions are constructed by applying our essential building blocks of Cost, Time, Quality, Technology, Operations and the Environment to each application.

Financial Stability

Zero debt since our inception in 1986
Dun & Bradstreet's highest possible rating since 1995

Worldwide Locations

USA (Indiana) – Corporate Headquarters
Malaysia (Kualu Lumpur) – Design & Manufacturing Center
Taiwan (Taipei) – Research & Development Design Center
India (Bangalore) – Research & Development Design Center


From concept through creation Green Cubes Technology offers a full complement of design capability including industrial, mechanical, electrical, firmware / microprocessor programming, software development, and CAD design. All of this is integrated with a comprehensive project management / document control systems shared with our customers throughout the development process.


Our highly competitive LCR (Low Cost Region) manufacturing facilities are centrally located in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Southern China (GuangDong Province) near Hong Kong. Each of our sizable manufacturing facilities are equipped with sophisticated tooling and manufacturing capabilities and embrace the most stringent quality systems/standards.


US and European based customer service combined with USA and Asian project management, design and support functions assures a 24 hour continuous stream of information/communications to our valued customers. USA regional warehouse locations combined with MRP Supply Chain Management results in a full service capability synergistic with Kanban and JIT customer requirements.

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