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Maximize ROI and Productivity with the Lithium SAFEFlex Battery

Green Cubes Technology is proud to have a Lithium SAFEFlex advertisement running in this edition of Forklift Action. Learn more about how to maximize ROI and productivity with the Lithium SAFEFlex battery line by reading below or visiting the direct site:
In the material handling industry, productivity is one of the key factors of effective fleet operations.  Proper battery performance is essential to make sure the fleet is running at optimum output.  Although traditional lead acid batteries are low cost, by design they present several challenges to achieving high efficiency operations.  They may require multiple batteries for one piece of equipment which must be changed and charged throughout the day,  require an estimated eight hours of charging and cool down time, must be watered frequently, require a weekly equalization charge, and usually require a dedicated employee and facility area to manage all of this, or equipment operators that must manage this in addition to their primary duties of handling, shipping and receiving product.   
Lithium SAFEFlex batteries are designed as a one battery per lift truck power source and do not need to be changed.  Batteries can be charged throughout each shift during breaks and meal periods.  Lithium SAFEFlex batteries require between two to three hours of charging per 24-hour period, and they do not require cool-down time.  Lithium SAFEFlex batteries are electronically monitored and equalized by GCT’s own proprietary Battery Management System (BMS).  Lithium SAFEFlex batteries never require watering or neutralizing nor cleaning of corrosive acid.  This eliminates the need for a dedicated employee or cross-trained equipment operators along with the square footage that battery changing and storage equipment requires.
Lithium SAFEFlex batteries offer major savings in energy, with approximately 20% more efficiency while charging.  Green Cubes? batteries capture up to 80% more lift-truck regenerative energy thus saving money.  Lithium SAFEFlex batteries have a cycle life up to four times that of lead acid while delivering a consistent output with every cycle.   
About Green Cubes Technology: 


For over 30 years, Green Cubes Technology has helped OEMs safely convert from lead acid systems to the right lithium technologies for their operations.  Among the many providers of lithium solutions, we stand apart for our precision-engineered conversions of Material handling and ground support equipment.  Our reputation and years in the business stand behind us to keep us innovating and driving ahead. 

Lithium SAFEFlex is a comprehensive, self-managed battery solution designed to meet the cost, performance, efficiency, and durability requirements of the rugged environments.  It includes application-specific cell chemistry, charge/discharge management, and advanced safety features such as thermal, short circuit, overvoltage, and under voltage protection.  All can be remotely controlled and managed through included software. 

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