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Global Leadership

The number one barrier to converting Lead Acid to lithium-ion is cost. This includes every element of cost – design cost, material cost and manufacturing cost. Breaking the cost barriers cannot be done without a global team. We have assembled the most efficient global team in the industry.

  • Our Taiwan team are experts in component selection, design review/update for cost optimization and supply chain management.
  • Our India team excels at low cost hardware design, firmware development, web-based user interfaces and Internet of Things (IoT) software platforms.
  • Our Malaysia team is the center of excellence for manufacturing quality, continuous improvement, agency approvals and logistics support within/from Asia.
  • Our Switzerland team designs high performance power conversion solutions for the telecommunications and data center market.
  • Our Slovakia team excels at logistics management and manufacturing battery & power conversion products for EU market.
  • Our USA team excels at large format battery manufacturing, hardware and software development, project management and global sales support.

We leverage the efficiencies of our different teams so that our customers realize a realistic and attainable Return on Investment.

Regional Leadership Teams

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