What does the future hold for your Rube Goldberg Battery Power System?

Rube Goldberg  adjective: accomplishing by complex means what seemingly could be done simplya kind of Rube Goldberg contraption … with five hundred moving parts— L. T. GrantSource: Miriam Webster DictionaryDid you know that Rube Goldberg is the only person to be listed as an adjective in the Miriam Webster Dictionary? The most celebrated cartoonist of his day, Mr. Goldberg often drew overly complicated machines used to achieve simple tasks to satirize industrialization and the self-destructive embrace of “progress.”Comics such as “The Self Opening Umbrella” (shown above) show how a gentleman may rid himself of the inconvenience of opening an umbrella through the use of …
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Exide Lead Acid Batteries – Making Rube Goldberg Proud

On December 16, 1894, W.W. Gibbs, President of the Electric Storage Battery Company (ESBC) made a stunning announcement. Gibbs, who founded ESBC in 1888, asserted that he had just purchased all the patents and rights necessary to make ESBC the sole supplier of electric storage batteries in the United States. These patents were purchased from the General Electric Company, the Edison company, the Thomson-Houston, the Brush, the Accumulator company, the Consolidated Electric Storage Company and the General Electric Launch Company. Whether or not he actually had a monopoly is beside the point. Over the next hundred years, ESBC continued a relentless series of mergers …
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Lead Acid – The Neurotoxic Rube Goldberg Machine of Energy Storage

For both our employees and community, I want to address the health, safety, and environmental problems with Lead Acid.  The single-biggest environmental issue with Lead-acid batteries involves the Lead component of the battery. Lead is a heavy metal with dangerous health impacts. Ingestion of Lead is especially dangerous for young children because their brains are still developing and Lead is a neurotoxin. Historically, sources included Leaded gasoline, Lead-based paints, and tin/Lead solder used in electronics manufacturing, pipes, and building construction, but those have largely been eliminated over the years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), today around 85% of the world’s Lead …
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Safer Forklifts with Iron Phosphate Li-ion Batteries

For Forklift Safety Week, Green Cubes Technology would like to highlight the benefits of Iron Phosphate Li-ion Batteries (LFP) over conventional lead-acid batteries in preventing workplace injuries in the warehouse environment.The ongoing maintenance required to keep flooded lead acid batteries running presents a danger to the workers tasked with charging, watering and changing batteries in forklifts and other material handling equipment. The highly corrosive electrolytes in batteries can cause respiratory irritation, eye damage, skin irritation, and erode tooth enamel. The sheer size of material handling batteries means that crush injuries also occur during battery changes and repetitive use injuries are …
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Cold-Chain Distribution Enabled by Li-ion Powered Material Handling Equipment: A New White Paper by Green Cubes Technology

On-line ordering, panic buying, and vaccine distribution are all increasing the need for cold-chain technology. Temperature-controlled supply chain is more important than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic. SAFEFlex enables 100% uptime and utilization of material handling equipment in cold storage and sub-zero environments. SAFEFlex is a drop-in replacement lithium-ion battery for lead acid battery power for electric material handling equipment.Click here to download our free whitepaper titled “Best Practices for Using Lithium-Ion in Cold Storage Facilities”.DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER NOWSAFEFlex provides material handling equipment crucial benefits, including:There is no cold-temperature capacity loss with integrated battery heaters.One-hour fast charging is enabled within the …
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Multi-Voltage Battery

Optimize efficiency with less down time!OVERVIEWGreen Cubes Technology’s multi-voltage, single 4/0 cable battery completes a full charge in less than one hour to maximize your operating efficiency. The 48V 600Ah, 24-85-21 equivalent battery provides the needed power without sacrificing hours in the day. In addition to offering our standard customizable features found in the Lithium SAFEFlex line, the battery also utilizes the existing single connector 4/0 cabling which delivers cost efficiencies and minimizes the chance of cable damage over traditional packs. This battery can meet the demands of heavy, three shift operators who need to maximize every available minute. The …
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