Mid-South Based Poultry Plant Powers its Pallet Jacks with Lithium SafeFLEX Battery Systems for Reliable Power in Extreme Environments

Our dealer, Swift Power in Alabama, recently sold several units of our Lithium SafeFLEX battery system to a mid-South based poultry plant for use in its pallet jacks. The plant requires power systems that can reliably power its lift trucks for multiple shifts in extreme environments. Lithium battery systems are particularly advantageous for cold storage and […]
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Cold-Chain Distribution Enabled by Li-ion Powered Material Handling Equipment: A New White Paper by Green Cubes Technology

On-line ordering, panic buying, and vaccine distribution are all increasing the need for cold-chain technology. Temperature-controlled supply chain is more important than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic. SAFEFlex enables 100% uptime and utilization of material handling equipment in cold storage and sub-zero environments. SAFEFlex is a drop-in replacement lithium-ion battery for lead acid battery power […]
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Multi-Voltage Battery

Optimize efficiency with less down time! OVERVIEW Green Cubes Technology’s multi-voltage, single 4/0 cable battery completes a full charge in less than one hour to maximize your operating efficiency. The 48V 600Ah, 24-85-21 equivalent battery provides the needed power without sacrificing hours in the day. In addition to offering our standard customizable features found in […]
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Safe and Sound Week is August 12-18, So Let’s Take a Look at Material Handling Battery Safety and how to Avoid Injury

By: Trisha Skarda – Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Green Cubes Technology’s Motive Power Division The United States Department of Labor has several cases that are related to battery incidents causing bodily harm and injury.  Just a few of the cases are titled, “Employee burns hands and arm when contacts battery rack”, “Employee sustains […]
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Three Considerations When Evaluating Motive Power Solutions

Contributed Commentary By Anthony Cooper, General Manager of the Motive Division at Green Cubes Technology The choice for motive energy battery solutions usually narrows down to two: lead-acid or lithium-ion. Both provide the energy that makes motive power equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, operate. However, the similarities don’t go much further. So, before […]
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Green Cubes Technology’s Lithium SAFEFlex Batteries: Greener, Cleaner, Meaner

After 150 years, real innovation is finally shaking up the industrial battery landscape.  Green Cubes Technology’s SAFEFlex lithium-ion batteries are environmentally friendlier, more energy efficient and save money when compared to traditional battery technologies.  The advancement of battery technology and diversification of the landscape is requiring decision makers to be more knowledgeable before they can […]
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