Case Study – AGV Opportunity Charging

OverviewA multi-billion dollar corporation is a global leader in providing logistic and material handling solutions. As the number of products produced and shipped around the world increases, this corporation continues to utilize its innovation in helping to provide unique solutions. One area of growth is through robotic or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). AGVs offer an innovative and flexible solution to today’s companies to help with improving throughput and the overall efficiency of their operations.AGVs can be utilized across a wide selection of operations including manufacturing, warehousing and even basic transportation. As the control and intelligence of the AGVs continue to …
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Case Study: Heated Lithium Battery for Freezer Truck Environments

OverviewA major food manufacturer operations a large fleet of delivery trucks for their products.Due to the nature of food products,the insulated vehicle cargo area needs to be kept the trucks ta such a low temperature of -10F. In order to keep the trucks at such a low temperature the fleet is connected to an electrical grid at night in order for the refrigeration freezers to be run overnight.The Problem faced by the food manufacturer was the pallet jacks used by the delivery workers; specifically the battery power strategy being used. The extreme cold temperature were causing the actual battery electrolyte …
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Green Cubes Technology’s Solutions: Batteries

Green Cubes Technology (GCT) is an established global company with over 30 years of experience in the power systems market.Cell Technology:Extensive Product Field Enables a Broad Range of Cell ChemistriesGCT’s market applications range from automotive to medical to industrial, which drives the company to research and implement the latest cell technologies to guarantee optimized system performance. Our cooperation with the leading global cell manufacturers allows us to provide our customers with powerful, efficient and cost effective solutions.Over the past 30 years, GCT has worked closely with our customers to ensure their products continue to utilize new technologies ahead of the …
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Efficiency Brief

Minimize Lift Times and Maximize Efficiency with Lithium SAFEflexOver an eight-hour shift, over three shifts a day, missed seconds can add up.How efficiency can your lift trucks get from A to B?How fast can it lift its load onto a loading dock, lift gate, or stack?How long can your lift truck move its maximum load, as its maximum safe speed, before being recharged?How long does it take to recharge your lift truck batteries?The answer to these questions will determine the efficiency-and therefore, the cost-effectiveness-of your warehouse operations. Largely, the answer to these questions also depends on your lift truck batteries.Lithium …
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Green Cubes Technology’s Solutions: Interfaces

Green Cubes Technology (GCT) is an established global company with over 30 years of experience in the power systems market.Power Interfaces:Flexible Designs to Meet Diverse Power ApplicationsGCT’s system architectures allow for flexibility when challenged with the multiple power sources of today’s markets. Converting power from a wall plug or renewable energy source is a critical part of the power system. GCT can provide an off-the-shelf power supply or develop a custom power supply when further optimization is required. Our system design approach ensures that the system monitors the power source for multiple limits and maximum power point tracking. Continuous development …
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Lithium SAFEFlex: Case Study – High Power Battery Solutions for Busy Warehouse Operations

OverviewA new GCT customer is the global leader in the manufacturing of furniture and home products. In order to produce such a high volume of furniture they operate very large plants along with incredibly sizable warehouses. In total, the customer has over 13 million sq ft (300 acres) of facilities for the production and warehousing of their products. To ensure the customer maintains its position as the number one manufacturer of furniture, they continuously focus on quality and improvements in their operations.Efficiently moving the large and often heavy products around the plants and warehouses is a feat in itself. The …
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