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Lithium SAFEFlex: Multi-Voltage Battery

Optimize efficiency with less down time!


Green Cubes Technology’s multi-voltage, single 4/0 cable battery completes a full charge in less than one hour to maximize your operating efficiency. The 48V 600Ah, 24-85-21 equivalent battery provides the needed power without sacrificing hours in the day. In addition to offering our standard customizable features found in the Lithium SAFEFlex line, the battery also utilizes the existing single connector 4/0 cabling which delivers cost efficiencies and minimizes the chance of cable damage over traditional packs. This battery can meet the demands of heavy, three shift operators who need to maximize every available minute. The multi-voltage battery is designed to withstand the most demanding applications and increase your team’s overall productivity.


Ease of Use

  • 30 kWh, 48V 600Ahr battery can be fully charged in less than 1 hour at 320 amps
  • Configurable dot matrix battery discharge indicator provides critical battery information along with errors or other important runtime data
  • No change to truck required, CAN communication for lithium ready equipment • Utilizes existing 4/0 cabling
  • No Maintenance
    • No Watering
    • No Equalization Charging
    • No Battery Washing Needed

Safety & Protection

  • Utilizes Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry for increased safety and stability
  • Voltage, Current and Temperatures are continuously monitored by Green Cubes Technology’s custom Battery Management System (BMS) which controls the internal safety contactors or disconnects the fuse.
  • Constructed from UL approved components.

Energy Savings

  • Recharge efficiency of 98% or higher helps save electricity and minimal energy loss to internal heating extends battery life
  • Improvements in runtime capacity efficiency of 10% or higher
  • Charging at 2X voltage reduces power loss from component impedances

Flexible Design for Optimized Truck Applications

  • Green Cubes Custom Battery Management System (BMS) offers over 100 parameters that can be adjusted for performance based upon the application.
    • High Current Trucks with Accessories
    • Low Temperature Storage Operations
    • High Cycle Opportunity Charging
  • Fully ballasted battery for heavy counterbalance trucks or non-ballasted batteries for light applications
  • Exceptional charge management controlled by battery BMS is ready for CAN enabled chargers to further improve charge efficiency



  • High Cycle Life
  • True Fast Charge / Opportunity Charge
  • Drop In Lead Acid Replacement
  • Passive balancing while in use equals NO DOWN TIME
  • Standard charger cabling (single 4/0) with charging amperage of 320 amps
  • Cuts out the expense of extra cables
  • Reduce chance of cable damage


  • Forklifts / Pallet Jacks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Industrial Electric Vehicles


  • Distribution Centers
  • Cold Storage
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical Warehousing


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