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Forklift Action: Green Cubes expands

Battery maker Green Cubes has announced broad company expansion to capture the new scope and scale of the company. Green Cubes has added North American facilities, established operations in Europe and is expanding product lines for the materials handling and data centre markets.Green Cubes recently expanded its engineering and production facilities in Kokomo, Indiana. In addition to the existing facility, Green Cubes added another 36,000 sqft. (3,300 sqm) facility. The existing production facility will continue to provide lithium-ion batteries for the mobile medical workstation market, while the new facility houses engineering staff and produces materials handling batteries.Additionally, Green Cubes has …
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Data Center Industry News: Fork lift battery maker Green Cubes prepares to enter data center Li-ion market

Green Cubes hires experienced team in Switzerland and prepares manufacturing in SlovakiaGreen Cubes, an established maker of lithium-ion batteries is planning a big expansion into digital infrastructure.The US-based company, established in 1986, makes mobile batteries for markets including forklift trucks. Backed by new investment, it is expanding its US manufacturing and establishing new teams for development and manufacturing in Europe, with plans to launch “network power” products aimed at data centers later this year.Charging into data centers“We’re standing up production in Europe, and developing products,” Jeffrey VanZwol, chief marketing officer, told DCD. “When we develop solutions we try to facilitate migration from …
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Electronic Design: The Lithium-Ion Cells and Chemistries You Need to Know

An industry insider’s snapshot of Li-ion battery cells, covering the most popular sizes, formats, and chemistries. Given the diversity of Li-ion cells available, the focus is on cylindrical and prismatic cells in metal cases.See the original articleWhat you’ll learn:The latest trends in lithium-ion cell sizes, formats, and chemistries.What are the performance characteristics of popular lithium-ion cells? Who are the major cell suppliers for each lithium-ion cell chemistry?The foundational building block of the batteries that supply power to everything from consumer electronics to electric vehicles is the lithium-ion cell.Lithium-ion cells tend not to be standalone parts. They’re connected in series and parallel, forming a final assembly called a battery pack. But for each battery …
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Podcast: Powering Up with Lithium-Ion

Jeffrey VanZwol joins Kevin Lawton for Episode 137 of The New Warehouse podcast, Powering Up with Lithium-Ion. The podcast recap can be read below, or accessed in full here.In this episode, Kevin is joined by two material handling energy experts for the Material Handling Wholesaler February 2021 Cover Story entitled “The Dollars and Sense of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology” now available at His two guests were the Chief Marketing Officer for Green Cubes Technology, Jeff VanZwol and Damon Hosmer who is the Product Manager for Energy Solutions at The Raymond Corporation. They discuss their lithium-ion solutions, justifying the cost, …
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Materials Handling Wholesaler: The Dollars and Sense of Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Jeffrey VanZwol is interviewed in an article in Materials Handling Wholesaler magazine. The full article can be read below or accessed here.Though the material handling industry continues to see lithium-ion batteries as a greener solution to their lead-acid predecessors, switching to this battery technology can also add a little greener to your bottom line in the form of dollars.Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp how a technology that requires a larger upfront investment can actually result in cost savings over time.“There’s a lot of interest and misunderstanding when it comes to lithium-ion technology,” says Frank Russo, vice president …
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Forklift Action: Best Practices for Opportunity Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries

Green Cubes Technology contributed an article The full article can be read below, or accessed here.The article presents opportunity charging as a practice applicable to both lead acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for motive power systems, especially for materials handling equipment.Opportunity charging is a practice applicable to both lead acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for motive power systems and especially useful for materials handling equipment. These practices can be applied to all classes of handling equipment – from small pallet jacks to four-wheel forklifts and large turret trucks.Charging lead acid batteriesDifferent lead acid battery types are available for motive …
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