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LITHIUM SAFEFlex batteries can be adapted to numerous vehicles and applications


Lithium SAFEFlex batteries operate at the world’s coldest and wettest airports

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Lithium Batteries for Ground Support Equipment

Airports and airfields across the world are switching to electric vehicles to save energy, money and the environment. Lithium batteries for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) can power your fleet with long-lasting, reliable power. The power from lithium batteries doesn’t diminish as the battery is used, which means you’ll have consistent power from the start of the shift to the end. Lithium SAFEFlex batteries also offer fast-charging and allow for opportunity-charging without harming the battery. Additionally, Lithium SAFEFlex lowers C02 emissions in comparison to fuel-powered equipment.

Airlines can benefit from fuel diversification with Lithium SAFEFLex since they are highly exposed to petroleum price volatility. Ground Support Equipment is well-suited for electrification by Lithium SafeFlex because this application benefits from low-end torque, has frequent start/stops, idle times and short driving ranges. Additionally, battery chargers can be safely located in more locations throughout an airport than diesel refueling stations, which reduces GSE traffic and non-productive travel.

Lithium SAFEFlex batteries for Ground Support Equipment are a drop-in solution for nearly all electric vehicles.  Lithium SAFEFlex is the integration of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, electronics, packaging and a software platform that was designed specifically for the harsh environmental conditions experienced on airfields. In addition to the existing Lithium SAFEFlex batteries, Green Cubes offers custom OEM batteries to manufacturers of Ground Support Equipment.  Green Cubes can design and manufacture custom batteries to meet OEM’s exacting requirements.


  • One Battery per Vehicle – Designed for opportunity charging and much higher cycle life means battery swapping is a thing of the past.
  • Fast Charging – Fully deployed batteries can be charged in less than an hour.  Opportunity charging can further shorten that charge time by taking advantage of coffee and lunch breaks.
  • Consistent Performance Over Wide Temperature Ranges – Consistent power is delivered in temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 Celsius.
  • Flexible Applications – Available for most electric GSE vehicles such as pushback tractors, hydraulic lifts, belt loaders, container loaders and luggage tugs.
  • Energy and Cost Savings – Recharge efficiency of 98%+ drives electrical savings and reduces damaging effects of heating batteries.
  • Plug and Play – Single point battery connection replicates today’s lead acid batteries without any special modifications. Drop-in replacement happens once and battery swaps are eliminated forever.

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