industrial batteries

Industrial Lithium-ion Batteries

Green Cubes’ thirty years of experience in cell chemistry, battery management electronics and mechanical design yields rechargeable battery packs of incomparable performance. Each battery pack is optimized for the portable device’s individual usage profile in order to provide the performance necessary for your product’s success. Our industrial lithium batteries are safe, reliable and more than functional; they will help differentiate your product with superb performance and runtime, small size and light weight.

Rechargeable Batteries

Green Cubes offers rechargeable industrial lithium batteries based on all commercially available lithium-ion chemistries. As OEMs strive to differentiate in competitive markets, Green Cubes has increasingly addressed our customer’s needs with the highest performance Li-ion chemistry. Today, Green Cubes has designed well over one thousand Li-ion battery packs. Choosing the optimal cell can contribute to the success or failure of a product in the field and requires extensive knowledge of the performance profile of the cells under consideration. The range of cell chemistries used in our industrial battery packs include Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LCO), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) and Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO). 

SMART Batteries

Green Cubes’ advanced SMART batteries communicate status to the portable device via an integrated microprocessor in the battery pack. This information could include: type, model number, manufacturer, characteristics, discharge rate, predicted remaining capacity, almost-discharged alarm, temperature and voltage. This microprocessor maximizes system run-time by enabling use of the full chemical capacity available in the battery pack. Communication is delivered to the portable device via a communication bus (such as SMBus, I2C, or HDQ) and delivered to the user with LEDs.

Mechanical Options

Like its host device, a battery pack is designed with a mechanical and industrial design that is adapted for the specific environment in which it will be used. Green Cubes provides battery packs that are assembled in plastic shrink wrap and fully enclosed in the portable device. For user-replaceable batteries, the best choice is a battery pack with a hard plastic enclosure. Green Cubes provides enclosures that meet the needs of the most demanding environments while augmenting your product’s aesthetics and industrial design. Typical plastic choices include PolyCarbonate (PC), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), PC/ABS blends, Nylon, or Acrylic. Plastic enclosures will be sealed with ultrasonic welding for ease of manufacture and cost savings, as well as adhesives, screws and gaskets for the most robust seals. The electrical connector is selected to be the most compatible with your device such as spring pins, formed metal contacts, blade connectors and pads on the PCB. A custom battery pack offers the best physical integration with your portable device, in addition to the highest electrical performance.

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