R3 Battery Recycling Program


Green Cubes is focused upon efficiency and improving power systems used globally. Green Cubes’ focus provides a great benefit to the environment and subsequently Green Cubes has developed the following policy and direction for the recovery, reuse and recycling of our industrial power lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery systems. The policy helps to provide direction to our consumers of our battery systems and inform them of the activities performed in the R3 policy. The energy savings due to the high charge efficiency of the LFP chemistry and R3 truly make Green Cubes Technology’s LFP battery systems a “Green Battery.”


The return of the batteries is a simple process. The current process is Green Cubes provides a Certificate of Return (COR) to our customers. The COR states that Green Cubes will accept the battery return, depending on the agreement for shipping of the battery system back to Green Cubes. The COR also states conditions which may void the return.


The LFP batteries have a long cycle life. Depending on the customer usage, the recovered LFP batteries may have significant energy remaining. While the energy is too low for high usage industrial applications, it may be well suited for applications such as Solar Energy Storage or Recreational LEVs. Green Cubes has designed the battery systems to allow for easy removal of the lithium cells which are repurposed for other applications. Estimates are that more than 30% of the original energy can be utilized in the lower demand systems. In addition, the battery systems have key components such as the steel battery tray, ballast and steel compression plates which can be refinished and reused with new battery systems. The reuse of these major components provides a high recyclability content for the batteries.


The R3 plan sets a path to ensure the major battery components are reused, but the LFP cells will eventually reach an end of life (EOL). Green Cubes ensures that agreements are in place with our industrial cell manufacturers so that Green Cubes may return the EOL cell back to the manufacturer. The LFP chemistry is comprised completely of non-toxic materials (main items being Lithium salts, Iron and Phosphate) which leads to ease of handling. The goal of returning the cells to the manufacturer is to allow them to reuse the materials in their new cell manufacturing process.

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