Warehouse IoT Features


Green Cubes’ warehouse Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are an embedded feature for our SAFEFlex batteries and cloud application. Our Maestro IoT solutions for warehouse management provide real time performance information to any WiFi connected device. A cellular or GSM service option is available for those locations without WiFi. The product suite delivers the fleet’s performance data each month for a small fee. This feature is an option on any of the batteries in the Lithium SAFEFlex line.


Ease of Use
  • Indicates when opportunity charging is being utilized
  • Anticipate when battery service will be needed
  • Receive notifications when batteries need charging
  • Understand usage patterns for capacity planning
Energy Savings
  • Select the optimal time to charge your batteries (i.e. charge at lower cost, off peak hours)
  • Monitor state of charge while charging to determine when to disconnect from the charger and send SMS to operator to notify of charge status
Versatile Application
  • IoT application operates on any WiFi enabled device
  • Personalize your fleet by customizing each piece of equipment with a name, color, description and category
  • Add multiple users to let the team track fleet performance
  • Customizable IoT dashboard presents data that is most important to you
  • Fleet-wide view tracks every piece of equipment at every warehouse


Our warehouse IoT solution:
  • Increases up time by optimizing charging regimes, reducing charge time and indicating when opportunity charging can be utilized
  • Increases fleet utilization by notifying operators when charging is complete
  • Lowers electrical consumption and energy costs

Real Time Measurements

  • State Of Charge (SoC)
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Charger Detect
  • Cell Voltage
  • Pack Voltage
  • Key on/off
  • Errors and Warnings
  • Remaining Available Capacity
  • Maximum Available Capacity
  • BMS Reset Counter
  • Balancing Information
  • Firmware and Configuration
  • DFI Information
  • History
Maestro IoT Solutions Dashboard

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Additional Information & Resources

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