Healthcare IoT Features


Green Cubes’ Internet of Things (IoT) function within our embedded power systems, along with our cloud-based application platform, provide real time performance information to any WiFi connected medical workstation or device.  This healthcare IoT platform delivers your mobile workstation’s performance data on a real-time basis, as well as the ability to present historical performance.


Better Fleet Utilization
  • Indicates when opportunity charging is being utilized by your mobile cart operators
  • Anticipate when battery service will be needed
  • Receive notifications when batteries need charging
  • Understand usage patterns of your mobile workstations for better insight into fleet utilization
  • Reports real-time and historical locations to the nearest WiFi access point
Energy Savings
  • Select the optimal time to charge your batteries (i.e. lunch, coffee break, off-peak hours)
  • Monitor state of charge while charging battery to determine when completed and send SMS to workstation operator to notify of charge status
Versatile Application
  • Application operates on any WiFi enabled device
  • Personalize your fleet by customizing each piece of equipment with a name, color, description and category
  • Add multiple users to let the team track fleet performance
  • Customizable IoT dashboard presents data that is most important to you
  • Fleet-wide view tracks every piece of equipment at every warehouse


Our Healthcare IoT Solution:
  • Increases up time by optimizing charging regimes, reducing charge time and indicating when opportunity charging can be utilized
  • Increases fleet utilization by notifying operators when charging is complete
  • Lowers electrical consumption and energy costs

Real Time Measurements

  • State Of Charge (SoC)
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Charger Detect
  • Cell Voltage
  • Pack Voltage
  • Key on/off
  • Errors and Warnings
  • Remaining Available Capacity
  • Maximum Available Capacity
  • BMS Reset Counter
  • Balancing Information
  • Firmware and Configuration
  • DFI Information
  • History
  • Location to nearest WiFi access point
IoT dashboard

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