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Telecom and Data Center


The world is becoming more connected than ever. As more devices rely on continuous connection to the cloud, uptime becomes more critical than ever. Power delivery to these networks must be stable and reliable. Green Cubes Technologies provides complete stationary power solutions to the most demanding Telecom and Data Center installations in a safe, reliable, and efficient solution.

Millions of nodes are being installed throughout the network with the deployment of 5G. The location of these nodes is critical to the performance of the network. Operators need their equipment to fit into smaller and more challenging locations. All this equipment requires clean, stable, reliable power. Traditional Telecom backup power has used large inefficient lead acid batteries that need frequent maintenance and replacement every few years. Actual run time is difficult to predict, and cells can fail with little to no warning. Diesel generators are costly, polluting and considered a last resort backup solution. Lithium Ion based power systems can provide clean, stable and reliable power for many years.

Green Cubes Battery Backup Units for Telecom and Data Center utilize proven, clean Lithium Ion batteries, and intelligent Battery Management Systems. Green Cubes battery backup units can be used stand alone, or paired with UNIPOWER Guardian and Aspiro DC power systems for these demanding applications. These systems are easily customized for every customer and application.

System Components

Battery Backup Unit

The Green Cubes Guardian Battery Unit (GBU) is a 48V 19” rack-mountable Lithium-ion Battery Backup Unit designed to be used with any power system. The GBU Series has been designed for data center and telecom applications for new installations, or as a replacement to Lead Acid batteries.

The patented Energy Balance Technology (EBT) provides internal balancing among the BBU modules connected in parallel. The EBT ensures consistent voltage and current delivery from the entire system of connected modules, which maximizes run-time and power delivery. This technology also solves many of the challenges system designers encounter when implementing a Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) solution.

Remote management via the ModBus to any site controller or Ethernet with PowCom™ software from UNIPOWER provides immediate access to performance and alarm information. Available in both Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Ion (NMC). Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry provides superior power delivery, as well as the longest cycle and calendar life. Lithium Ion (NMC) offers market leading energy density both volumetrically and gravimetrically. Each application is unique and using the correct battery chemistry is paramount to operational stability, and performance.

DC Power Systems

The Green Cubes batteries are designed to work seamlessly with the UNIPOWER family of DC power systems includes the Aspiro and Guardian. These systems are available in cabinetized, hybrid, or rack-mountable format with capacities ranging from 45A to 5500A.

Aspiro DC power systems are 1RU and 2RU rack-mount from 45A to 90A at -48V. Guardian products are 2RU, 3RU, 5RU, 6RU, and 10RU rack-mount systems, as well as floor standing cabinet configurations from 200A to 5500A at -48V.

Rectifiers & Converters

Modular power rectifiers and power converters include the Aspiro and Guardian families of products:

  • Aspiro rectifiers provide a nominal 48V output rated at 800W, or 1200W with efficiency up to 95%.
  • The Guardian family of rectifiers provide a nominal 48V output at 3000W at an efficiency up to 96%.
  • The Guardian PV converter is a 2.9kW 48VDC 60 amp Solar PV Converter. Maximum energy harvest from the valuable photovoltaic (PV) array is accomplished through a >99% Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. These converters can be combined together with the Guardian AC to DC rectifiers in the same system to create true hybrid configurations.

Intelligent Management Module

The GCC (Intelligent Controller Module) is a pluggable microprocessor based intelligent system management module that provides monitoring and control for a broad range of UNIPOWER DC Power Systems and Green Cubes Battery Backup Units. The GCC monitors all system parameters including: DC voltage, rectifier current, rectifier temperature, system capacity, battery parameters, and circuit breaker status. This smart module is can be remotely accessed via the internet to allow for control and monitoring of critical power systems from anywhere.

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