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Green Cubes Technology and Preferred Freezer Services Create Largest Lithium Battery-Powered Materials Handling Fleet

CHICAGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Green Cubes Technology, a leader in design and manufacturing of lithium power systems, has partnered with Preferred Freezer Services to launch the largest lithium battery-powered fleet in the cold storage industry with approximately 9 megawatt hours (MWh) of capacity deployed.“Lithium battery systems eliminate time-consuming and costly maintenance and maintain a longer cycle life in extreme temperatures, particularly cold environments. As the company works to convert all current and future materials handling equipment to lithium power, fleets will run better, longer and with less power consumption.”Tweet thisAs one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in …
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Green Cubes Technology Appoints Industry Veteran Keith Washington President and CEO

CHICAGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Green Cubes Technology today announced the appointment of Keith Washington as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Current President and CEO Mohammed Alobaidi, who established Green Cubes as a leading provider of lithium battery systems during his 25-year tenure, will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer, in addition to continuing to serve as Chairman of the Board.“Supply chain professionals are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of competitors, support people, improve processes and serve more customers to achieve greater efficiency in all areas”Tweet this“We believe the lithium battery markets will continue to grow …
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Green Cubes Technology Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Preferred Freezer Services

Green Cubes Technology to Provide Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries to Preferred Freezer ServicesKokomo, IN / October 10, 2018 – Green Cubes Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of lithium power systems, announces that it has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Preferred Freezer Services to supply their Lithium SAFEFlex batteries for their new Big Bear facility in Los Angeles, CA. Preferred Freezer Services provides customers with door-to-door nationwide logistic services that leverage the company’s strategically national footprint. The new facility, opened this past summer, is Preferred Freezer Services’ seventh location and boasts over 491,000 square feet, 32 dock doors and …
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Green Cubes Technology Launches Trials Of Lithium SafeFlex Battery With Transbotics’ Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Kokomo, IN / Oct 16, 2013 – Green Cubes Technology, a leading provider of custom designed lithium solutions for industrial and medical applications announces that it has been selected by Transbotics, a division of Scott Systems International Incorporated, to start trials of its Lithium SAFEFlex batteries with Transbotics’ Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV).  AGVs are driverless, computer-controlled vehicles that are programmed to transport materials through designated pickup and delivery routines within a manufacturing or distribution facility.  Previously these vehicles had been using lead acid batteries that had limited ranges and lacked enough power to fuel and drive Transbotics’ various massive AGVs.  This is yet the latest …
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Green Cubes Technology Opens New Design Center In Bangalore, India To Focus On Future Generations Of Lithium Battery Platforms

New Albany, IN/Jan 15, 2013 – Green Cubes Technology, a leading provider of custom designed lithium solutions for medical, automotive and industrial applications, announces the opening of a new design center in Bangalore, India that will focus on next generation lithium battery platforms.  The new design center will focus totally on the next generation of lithium power platforms.  This comes as lithium batteries continue to generate greater widespread use with Green Cubes Technology leading the way with innovative platforms that are transforming the industries it serves.“We are excited to be announcing the opening of the Bangalore design center,” said Anthony Cooper, …
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Green Cubes Technology Opens New Manufacturing Facility In Malaysia

New Albany, IN/Mar 2, 2011 – Green Cubes Technology, a leading provider of custom designed lithium solutions for the medical, automotive and industrial markets announces that it is opening a new manufacturing facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to focus on medical battery systems.  Prior to 2008, 100% of the medical cart industry was fully reliant on lead-acid batteries. In 2008, Green Cubes Technology disrupted the status quo by introducing the first lithium battery system for medical carts.  Since 2008, Green Cubes Technology has seen tremendous growth for lithium tested battery systems in the medical market which led the company to …
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