HYENA Platform

hyena platform


  • WiFi Transceiver
  • IoT Platform
  • Blackbox
  • Hotswap Batteries
  • Modular Battery Support
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Fanless


The HYENA platform is a fifth generation reference design used by Green Cubes engineers to quickly and efficiently develop custom engineered power solutions for OEMs. The HYENA platform incudes Battery Management System (BMS), integrated charging, power conversion (AC/DC, DC/DC) and power inversion (DC/AC) functionality. The HYENA platform has been used to produce both in-base power and swappable battery system for leading medical workstations.

Customized for OEM Applications

The HYENA platform is designed for flexibility and can be easily configured to deliver the required features for your next workstation design.

  • WiFi Transceiver – An embedded transceiver enables remote management, messaging features and location reporting functions. Combined with the embedded Internet of Things (IoT) computing feature, the wireless capabilities provides real-time access and control of all the workstations real-time operational parameters.
  • IoT Platform – Our IoT platform enables remote firmware updates, remote management, advanced failure predictions, operational reports, event & alarm reporting and trend analysis.
  • Blackbox –  The blackbox function stores intelligent real-time operating systems flags and parameters which can retrieved for analysis in the event of a system issue. This data can be retrieved after a system event, shutdown or restart.
  • Hotswap Batteries – Supports multiple battery inputs, and these inputs can be allocated to reserve or swappable batteries. This function can enable battery back-up or swappable battery configurations.
  • Modular Battery Support – Can accommodate connections up to four batteries, which can be connected in series or parallel to deliver additional power or run-time.
  • Touchscreen Display – Supports external displays with customized user interface.
  • Fanless – Fanless operation reduces noise, improves infection control, eliminates filter maintenance and reduces a failure point within the system.