20 Ah Swappable Industrial Battery | SWIB-1000

swib 1000 swappable battery


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Technology
  • Exceptional cycle life relative to other lithium-ion or Sealed Lead Acid batteries
  • Active cell balancing on charge and discharge maximizes runtime and battery life
  • Ship and sleep modes ensure no capacity loss when not in use
  • IP 65 Rating ensures watertight operation
  • Five stage LEDs for state of charge indication
  • Best warranty in the industry


Designed for mobile industrial or medical workstations, the Swappable Industrial Battery (SWIB) from Green Cubes Technology exceeds the highest performance and regulatory requirements for mobile or motive equipment manufacturers. The SWIB is optimized for operator ergonomics and fast- or hot-swapping of workstation batteries. The SWIB utilizes a very accurate fuel gauge, has a five stage LED for battery status, and has active cell balancing on charge and discharge cycles.

The SWIB utilizes Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, which is the safest and most environmentally friendly cell chemistry available today. In addition, the SWIB provides the longest cycle life over any other Lithium-ion or Lead Acid batteries. The high current capability insures that the SWIB powers your in-base inverter or IT devices, as well as other mechanical subsystems that may have higher current needs. Finally, the extensive list of agency approvals ensures your mobile workstation maintains compliance with existing agency approvals.

To complement the SWIB, Green Cubes offers the Swappable Industrial Charger which supports integrated lithium-ion charging electronics and high current contact design to accommodate fast charging. Note the Swappable Industrial Charger requires an external power source of 60 Volts DC.

Nominal Voltage51.2 Volts
Nominal Capacity20 Amp Hour (1 KWh)
Continuous Discharge Current30 Amps
Pulse Discharge Current120 Amps for 0.5 seconds, 60 Amps for 2 seconds
Operating Temperature Range-20°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to +60°C
Maximum Charge Voltage57.6 Volts
Weight9.5 Kg
DimensionsApprox 180 W X 180 L X 330 H (mm)
State of Charge IndicationFive stage LED
Operating Humidity20% to 80%
Shipping ClassificationClass 9
Contact SchemeAmphenol contacts (rated 100 Amps)
Case Flame RatingUL-94 V-0
Agency ApprovalsUN 38.3, IEC 62133
Cycle Life and Warranty Terms80% of capacity to 2000 cycles or 3 years
Battery ModesShip and Active
IP RatingIP 65


swib-1000 datasheet